Because getting your product made should
not be the hardest part of your business!

Are You Nearly Exhausted Looking For Your Very Own One-Stop Shop For Private Label Supplements And Nutraceuticals?Aggravated By Vitamin Manufacturers Who Try To Gouge You Price? Who Promise The Best In Supplement Manufacturing But Fail To Deliver?

Hi! I’m Plato.I know how you feel. I was once like you – going through page-after-page in Google sending in quote requests, calling up vitamin manufacturers in trade show directories… they all demanded 5,000 bottle minimums, quoted me outrageous prices, tried to force me to use their terrible label design service at inflated prices… one manufacturer took my money, then shipped me something totally different than what was on the purchase order. This manufacturer laughed at me because they knew the cost of suing them would be more than the purchase order. I was not only out thousands of dollars at a time when I was just starting my supplement business, but I was now backordered for several months! It took me over a year to recover. Then I met Jeff. I was desperate and trawling LinkedIn posting for help. Nobody responded to my frustration. Except for Jeff. This man saved my business by referring me to a contract manufacturer who got my product manufactured quickly and at the best prices I’d ever been quoted. At the highest quality ever. I didn’t need to do a 10,000 bottle run either! Today I seek to bring the same experience to other entrepreneurs that Jeff brought to me several years back when I was just starting out in the supplement game. Believe me, I'm the best friend you can have in this business!


You aren't assigned an account manager, you are assigned the owner!

We are totally transparent. We don’t promise what we can’t deliver, and we deliver what we promise - and I want you to know what I look like.

I am not a cyclops, I don't have three heads and six arms (although I sometimes feel like I do). I am just 100% committed to your success. New World Nutritionals pretty much makes it impossible for you to fail.

FDA Compliant Facility Operating under complete cGMP regulations

New World Nutritionals represents an FDA compliant contract manufacturing facility operating under complete cGMP regulations in Southern Florida. Our facility of 20,000 sq. feet operates two shifts, seven days per week and is capable of producing tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, effervescents, chewables, cosmetics, as well as gummy vitamins and packaging them in any format you desire – from bottles to blister packaging.

All-Inclusive Operation Everything you need under one roof

We are a start-to-finish, all-in-one operation assisting clients with product development, formulation, label design, compliance… to finished dose ready for distribution. We develop your product off the bat with selling in mind - formulating every product with what is known as a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which makes your marketing efforts so much easier.

Raw Materials Supplier Yes we really take care of everything

Not only are we a contract manufacturer, we are also a raw material (ingredient) supplier to the manufacturing industry which allows us to be most competitive when it comes to cost factoring your products.

We look forward to the future possibility of working with you and your company. Fill out the form on top of this website for your free Skype video consultation with the owner of New World Nutritionals.